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"Vajra Moon"

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(acrylic on canvas 30" x 30" with crystals, silver leaf and moonstones)

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"Vajra Moon" is a mandala of fullness, completion and integration that was inspired by the full moon high in the Himalayan night sky. Its colors come from the lovely handmade silver jewelry by native artisans featuring blue lapis, burning coral, mountain turquoise and mystical moonstones believed to protect travelers on their journey. The Tibetan word "vajra" means diamond or thunderbolt and is associated with highest Tantric Buddhist practice.

This mandala also celebrates the timeless moments after the "big bang" when yang has turned to yin and before the cycle begins once more. Sixteen cabochon moonstones guard the inner lotus palace of the deities, and the Tibetan symbol for OM is seen at the four points of the compass.

Shown below, the original painting is set in a stunning silver frame. An exacting and challenging study in shades of silver, "Vajra Moon" is indeed a tribute to the Divine Feminine!

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