The Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Mandalas by Rampal





Mandalas on Pillows of Silk

The Artist and Her Mandala Pillows

The mandala pillow is an exquisite little work of art that has special benefits not found in cushions used for sitting while in meditation. Unlike a zabuton cushion or zafu pillow, it is designed for holding in your lap as a focus for contemplation or just gazing.  Its softness to touch alone helps quiet the busy mind and foster a sense of centeredness and well being. It is a perfect adornment for your "sacred space."

The fronts are individually printed in the United States on imported 19.5 mm pure silk charmeuse and assembled by the talented staff of a "textile boutique" dedicated to working with artists to reinterpret their designs on fabric in limited editions. The details and hues are remarkable in these expertly crafted reproductions as no other fabric has the opulent feel or shows off color like silk!

All square mandalas seen in the Gallery are available on pillows of silk and feature a generous 16 x 16" image of one of my beautiful and sensuous paintings. The back is light gold Dupioni silk with a matching corded edge. A plump premium insert of soft white poly fibers is included. 

Please see Wall Hangings/Silk Squares for large matching and coordinating mandalas on the same heavy-weight silk.

Unfortunately, the "textile boutique" that has so beautifully reproduced my mandala images on pure silk for so many years is no longer in business as of September 2015. The search is on for a new supplier, but until I can find a company doing comparable work, my wall hangings, scarves and pillows are unavailable for purchase.

"Phoenix and Dragon" 


"Sacred Pond" and Samantabadhra "In the Beginning" 


"Lalita's Garden"  and "Dombi and the Dakini"


"Pandala" and "Buddha's Dream"


"Eyes of the Goddess" and "Balancing Masculine and Feminine" 


"Heart Space" and "Tantric Bliss"


"Hearts on Fire" and "Sailor of the Soul"

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