The Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Mandalas by Rampal






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(acrylic on canvas 30" x 30", crystal embellished)

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"Pandala" is a celebration of passionate enlightenment, the sacred joining of spirituality and sexuality, which is a seemingly irreconcilable conflict plaguing many of us on the path to higher consciousness. In Tantra (often defined as a loom or weaving together), it is possible to bring together such polarities when we recognize that ultimately there is no duality, only oneness. "Pandala" is a perfect universe that we can enter in meditation, where the guardian pandas (amazing creatures of fascination and passion) provide a protected space in which to begin inner healing. In loving service to the deities is a magnificent green dragon, which in the Orient represents the positive aspects of primal energy and the powerful union of matter and spirit.

"Pandala" is also pan Asian in artistic motif. The eight-petaled lotus, which was seen more often as this art form migrated from India eastward, represents the points of the compass and the integration of all directions. Each petal is adorned with an authentic Japanese family crest signifying the power of bamboo.

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