The Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Mandalas by Rampal





"Hearts on Fire"

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(acrylic on canvas 36" x 36", crystal embellished)

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"Hearts on Fire" represents the opening of our heart center and the bliss of unconditional love. When the heart is open, ego boundaries disappear, as do feelings of separateness and longing. One wants to be of service and make a difference in the world. Sadly, most of us have learned early in life to protect our hearts in order to survive in an unloving world, and opening the heart would be very painful if an inner healing had not yet occurred. A guardian ring of tigers provides a protective and supportive space where this healing can begin to take place.

A wise Tantric master once said, "To find the Pearl of Enlightenment, you must first enter the Sea of Passion." A symbolic pearl rests at the bottom of the sea in this mandala.

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