The Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Mandalas by Rampal





"Heart Space"

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(acrylic on canvas 30" x 30", crystal embellished)

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"Heart Space" represents new beginnings and springtime, a haven for the weary traveler on life's journey. A motif frequently seen in Tantric art, the lotus symbolizes beauty and purity growing out of the mud. In this tradition, even the most base emotions can be transformed into higher consciousness through dedicated Tantric Kriya Yoga practice. The posture (asana) of the deities signifies communication, trust and deepening sensitivity which are beneficial qualities in any relationship.

Outside the temple gates, benevolent serpents in a field of blue forget-me-nots keep watchful vigil over the jeweled lotus palace, their gold and silver colors another symbol of harmonizing our inner masculine and feminine principles. The four concentric circles about the center point (bindu) depict expanding levels of awareness as the mind journeys toward the center of the mandala, with over 200 sparkling little crystals to light the way.

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