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Mandalas by Rampal






"Heart of the Lotus"

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(acrylic on canvas 30" x 30" embellished with crystals, gold leaf, dimensional paint and semi-precious "opal" cabochons)

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This charming contemporary mandala needs few words to describe its symbolism, as what your eyes behold speaks directly to your heart about the inherent unity and harmony beyond the world of appearances. Presented here in modern dress, this timeless archetype of a circle within a square is a sacred temple that can be entered in meditation or gazing. It is place where a wounded heart can safely open to the amazing healing power of a mandala or the happy heart be further lifted to exquisite bliss!

Over the years, my studio home has become a remarkable gallery of Tantric Art. It is quite an experience to be surrounded by a collection of such beautiful and powerful symbolism, especially "Lalita's Garden" Sri Yantra and "Samvara Supreme Bliss." However, I must say that "Heart of the Lotus" is the most charismatic of them all. My eyes cannot leave it alone!

Each time a mandala is created, a wave of positive forces is released over the planet, be it a childlike drawing or the Great Kalachakra ritual by Tibetan Buddhist monks. The mystery of the mandala runs deep and opens new dimensions for the initiated. I am so honored and grateful that mandala painting has been given to me as my purpose and life's work. Every brush stroke is my prayer for peace. It is foolish to expect peace on earth if there is a war going on inside ourselves.

Detail of the Deities

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