Tithe Tantric Spiritual Art of Nadean O'Brien

Mandalas by Rampal














Living in the Mandala
(Samantabadhra "In the Beginning")

The father mother symbolism ("yab yum") is not an example of erotic art but is considered by the devout to be a manifestation of the Buddha's highest spiritual essence. It is concrete evidence presented in a most striking and graphic manner of the existence of enlightenment, denoting the highest stage of yoga in which there is no polarity, no discrimination and the truth is indivisible. There in meditation in the presence of this artistic revelation, one can discover infinite bliss and ultimate self-realization.

Introducing A New Mandala for 2013
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"Flowers for Kali Ma"


Nadean O'Brien (Rampal)


Member of EBSQ Self Representing Artists


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